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After last month's blog, 4 Smart Ways to Make 2024 Your Salon's Best Year Ever, we couldn't stop thinking of more ways to make your salon thrive. So, this month, we've added four more tested things you can do to drive revenue. These include a technology advantage, a client retention strategy, and showcasing your talent. And after all the improvements you've made to your business in the past month, we've included some much-needed rest and recharging. If you want more details, read on and discover 4 more ways to make your salon thrive. Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes Pro Tip from Tim The

2024 could be your salon's best year ever! To make this happen, you need to focus on your business, commit to improvement, and consistently promote your salon. The rewards are great. Your business will provide more money and fulfillment. If growing your business and earning more money is one of your goals for 2024, keep reading. Here are 4 smart ways to make 2024 your salon's best year yet. Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes Pro Tip from Tim Building a salon business is hard and requires focus. The best businesses at Bello Salon Suites focus on improvement every day. They always seek

Finding the perfect salon suites for rent can be a daunting job.  There are a lot of options, and they all look beautiful.  They all provide a different set of amenities.  But which perks are important to your business and career?  And what do you need to know when you're unsure what to ask or expect?  If you are shopping for a new home for your cosmetology business and are having trouble deciding on a facility, keep reading.  You will learn 9 critical questions needed to find the perfect salon suites for rent.  Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Pro Tip From