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Boost Your Salon Success with these 8 Instagram Tips

Promoting your salon business on Instagram is a proven way to build a successful salon business. As a social media platform, there are several reasons why Instagram is a preferred choice. Not only is Instagram widely popular, attracting millions of users every day, but it’s got the demographics, products, and influencers that benefit all types of salon businesses. It’s affordable, so everyone can take advantage of it, even salon owners just starting. Best of all, using the 8 Instagram Tips in this article will help you to quickly make the most of the platform.

Hair stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians, and permanent makeup artists can use the platform to promote their brands and book appointments. But simply having an Instagram page is not a guarantee of success. The most successful salons spend time planning, creating, and posting regularly. If you want to make sure your Instagram page helps drive your business, keep reading. This article will give you eight tips to promote your salon business on Instagram.

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Why Instagram?

Instagram is ideally suited to promote salon business for several reasons.

It’s a visual platform.

The beauty business is all about aesthetics. We create beauty and make people look good. Our work produces visual results, so a visual platform like Instagram is the perfect place to showcase our skills and build our brands. You can use pictures and videos, making it ideal for showing off your work in many ways.

Lots of people use Instagram every day.

According to a recent Social Pilot article, it is the 4th largest social media platform in the world, with over 500 million daily users spending an average of 30 minutes scrolling its pages.

It’s very affordable.

Creating an account and posting content is FREE. That makes it affordable for everyone. If you want to reach more people than just your followers, you can use hashtags and affordably boost your posts. That means you can market your salon business for free, which is a great price if you are just starting your business. As you build your clientele and make money, boosted posts can help drive more business!

Instagram builds strong brands. 

Social Pilot also reports that 81% of users research new products and services on the platform, and 62% report more interest in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story. While other social media platforms have value to salon businesses, the unique combination of products and audience makes it an indispensable part of any salon marketing program.

Tips for Promoting Your Salon Business on Instagram

Use these eight tips to boost your salon business on Instagram.

1. Spend time Planning and Creating Content

You have to consider your Instagram feed a major part of your marketing plan. The most successful salons plan their posts, sometimes weeks in advance, and spend time creating content that engages with their followers. This ensures a steady stream of fresh posts and effective content.

2. Be Focused

Every post needs to be about your salon business. It’s easy for busy salon owners to lose focus and start posting things that don’t relate to their business. We’ve all been there. You’ve been super busy, and you know you haven’t posted anything in a while, so what’s wrong with a selfie at the beach? What’s wrong is that your selfie at the beach has nothing to do with your business and will waste your follower’s time when they are searching for a new look.   The underlying message of each post should be, “This is what I do, see how great my work is, and book an appointment now.”

3. Showcase your Work

You can do this in various ways, including before and after pics, hair care advice, tips on styling tools, and testimonials from satisfied customers. 

4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase your audience and followers. People can stumble across your page by following hashtags. According to a recent Salon Biz article, here are 10 of the best beauty salon hashtags for Instagram:

5. Booking Link

Make sure your page has a link to your digital booking platform. That way, when someone sees your great work and loves your salon, they can instantly book an appointment.

6. Offer Special Promotions

Making an offer to your Instagram followers will make them feel part of a special group. Make sure the offer has real value and expires quickly. That can quickly fill up some unwanted holes in your schedule.

7. Cross-promote with other Salon Owners

Find a salon that offers complementing services to yours. For instance, if you own a nail salon, contact a hair salon and promote each other’s brands on your feeds. Cross-promoting will showcase your work to new audiences who may be looking for your services. Plus, if they are located in the same place, like a salon down the hall at Bello Salon Suites, they will love the convenience of getting all their beauty services from one place.

8. Collaborate with Influencers

There are lots of influencers who have large followings that can promote your brand. An influencer can provide immediate credibility to your business and drive new customers. The Sacramento area is home to several influencers. For a list of local influencers, check out the article from Collabstr, “Top 42 Instagram Influencers in Sacramento, CA.”

Conclusion to Boosting Your Salon Business through Instagram

Instagram is an important marketing tool for anyone who owns a salon business. Its combination of products, audiences, and affordability make it ideal for building your brand and increasing bookings. The most successful brands plan their posts and spend time creating content. Tips for success include creating content that stays focused on your salon business, showcasing your work in several ways, using relevant hashtags, providing an easy-to-find link to your appointment booking platform, offering special promotions, and collaborating with other salon owners and influencers. These Instagram tips will boost your salon’s visibility, increase bookings, and fatten your bank account.

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