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Can I afford to own my own bello Salon Suite business?

Salon Suites are popping up everywhere, and there is good reason! More and more beauty professionals are transitioning to salon suites, and bello Salon Suites is their preferred choice! Going Independent is an exciting but sometimes intimidating thought. Being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and having full control of your work environment all sound great. But a lot of beauty professionals are asking themselves: Can I afford to go solo?

With a solid client base and a few helpful tools, support and resources from bello, THE ANSWER IS YES, you can! In fact, with a steady clientele…you will likely end up making more profit working in salon suite vs. a traditional commission-based salon or as an hourly employee.

Let’s do the math using our profit calculator

The first step to determining if you are ready to go solo or not is to do the math! It is really quite simple, and we’ve put together a simple profit calculator to help you get an idea of how much you can earn on average as an independent beauty professional at bello. Keep in mind that as a suite salon owner you will be keeping 100% of your profits. At bello we include the utilities and maintenance in your rent so no need to worry about that!  Plus, unlike most other suites we deliver clean towels and styling capes to your suite daily.

Simply calculate how many clients & services you have per week on average and multiply that by the average cost of each service. Deduct your product costs, weekly suite rent and any other business-related costs you may have. Don’t forget to factor in profit for any retail product sales! In most cases, you will find that you definitely can afford to go solo and you will likely find that you will make much more money per week than you do now!

Try our profit calculator below:

All Calculations are estimates for comparison purposes only. Annual incomes are based on 52 weeks per year and DO not include the bellow week discount. **-Value is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

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