bello Salon Suites is the preferred home of Sacramento’s finest beauty industry professionals. There are many options when you’re looking for salon suites for rent. But when you consider our support, services, and value, you’ll quickly discover that nothing compares to bello Salon Suites.

We are a locally owned company with deep roots in the community and focus on our salon and family of clients. Sacramento is our home, and when you choose bello to be the home for your business, we treat you like family.

Most salon suites for rent in Sacramento are owned by national chains, where tenants are just numbers on spreadsheets. bello is different. We appreciate each family member as an individual and work hard to support them in every way we can. Of course, we will help design and build your custom salon studio or double suite. We will pamper your clients with luxury in our four inside lounges and relaxing patio. And there is so much more.

We offer more services and amenities than any other salon suites company. We are passionate about your success and go the extra mile to help. It’s what we do for family. And when you consider all the value that comes with a bello Salon Suite rental, you’ll realize that when we say, “Nothing Compares,” it’s true.

Learn more about bello Salon Suites, and most importantly, find out why the beauty industry professionals who call us home wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Your Business

At a salon, you work their hours and follow their rules. The salon owner takes the profits while you take home a fraction of them as your paycheck. You are an employee, and you work for them. At bello, you own your business, and we can help you get started with our Going Independent Guide. Then you work for yourself, your family, and your clients.

When you own your business, you are in control. You have the freedom to create the business and the life you’ve always wanted.

Your Sanctuary

At bello, we help you decorate your suite to your taste. If you want a pink wall, no problem. Suppose you want a bar here or shelving there. Consider it done. How about a stylish light fixture? We love that! You will work with our designers and facilities crew to create a private sanctuary exactly how you want it.

When bello  is your business address, you have the space you need and the environment you want. You and your clients will be happier!  Your Suite, Your Style, Your Way!

Your Bliss

bello Salon Suites takes care of all the details that make your business run smoothly. We provide a team to support you. Our team delivers fresh linens daily. We also take out your trash.  Add to that our complimentary hot and cold beverages, our famous crunchy ice, and all the other unique bello  benefits you won’t find at other Salon Suites.

When you and your clients are happy, you will thrive and life is just better!  Find your bliss among nice people in the professional, stress-free world of bello.

“So grateful to be a part of bello Salon Suites. 

If you’re looking for a spot to rent, the owners won’t disappoint!”

Adriana | Owner – 1970 Salon

“We love the vibes at bello Salon Suites! 

We started our new salon biz & designed our own space & vibe. I’ve never been more excited in my career!”

Shay & Loreal | Owners – Summer + Golde

“bello Salon Suites always takes care of their tenants! 

Currently feeling so overwhelmed with joy & happiness!”

Tiffany | Owner – Iridescent Moon Salon

A strong brand can elevate your salon’s success.  While a business can get started overnight, a strong brand takes planning, focused implementation, and years of consistency.  However, the payoff of a strong brand is well worth the time and effort put into building one.  Your customers will be more loyal.  They will spread the word about your business and provide referrals.

Learn how to build a strong brand for your salon in our latest blog, “How a Strong Brand Can Elevate Your Salon’s Success.”

Check out other salon resources that can help you start and build a successful salon business by visiting our resources page.

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