bello Salon Suites offers a variety of amenities and benefits that cater to our family of cosmetology professionals. Each little convenience and thoughtful service is designed to make your professional life better. Plus we offer support and resources to help you grow. We believe that if we can improve your life, you and your business will thrive.

We encourage you to compare our list of amenities to those offered at other salon suites. That’s because we are confident that after comparing our amenities to theirs, you’ll agree that nothing compares to bello.

1. The bello Week

Annual rent-free week earned with 51 paid weeks!

Everyone deserves a week to rest and recharge without wasting a week of rent.

2. Fresh Towels and Capes Delivery

Laundered and delivered to your suite every morning!

Why spend time doing laundry when you could be providing services and making money?

3. Full Time Managers on Site

We are here to support you 7 days a week.

If you need something, we are always close by.

4. Concierge Services

Our concierge service is always ready to help.

Because sometimes you need a special little service for you or your client.

5. Professional Training Events

We host training events at our facility to build your professional and business skills.

Helping you build a thriving business is our priority!

6. Business Support

We can help set up your business and provide tips on branding and marketing.

We have the skills and experience you can count on to help grow your business.

7. Suite Decor Consulting

We can help you pick out custom paint colors, cabinetry, and lighting, as well as accessories needed to make your workflow easier.

With your vision and our experience, you will get the suite of your dreams.

8. Custom Suite Build Out

We will do all the painting, install the fixtures, and hang all the wall decor you want at no additional charge.

Professional installation and painting will result in a beautiful suite that makes you and your clients feel at home.

9. Soiled Linen Removal

We pick up your used towels and capes every day.

We make your life easier.

10. Trash Removal

We empty your waste baskets daily.

At the end of a long day of making clients look their best, who wants to take out the trash?

11. Dedicated Break Room

Clean, comfortable, and just for our family of beauty professionals.

Everyone needs a quiet space to take a break and clear their mind.

12. Maternity and Paternity Program

We offer extended leave to new mothers and fathers.

We believe in supporting both new mothers and fathers during one of the most special times of life.

1. Plenty of Free Parking

We have a dedicated parking lot close to our building.

Nobody wants to pay to park or have to walk far to the front door.

2. Convenient Location

We have a great central location with freeway access from everywhere.

Who doesn't love a convenient location?

3. An Upscale and Modern Facility

We've created a unique place that customers love.

When your customers are happy, they keep coming back!

4. Spotlessly Clean

We are obsessive with our cleaning and facilities maintenance.

Everyone wants to be in a clean place where everything works flawlessly.

5. Complimentary Beverages

Treat your clients to specialty coffees, a selection of teas and waters, and our famous crunchy ice.

Little things like this transform the customer experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

6. Stylish Bathrooms

Our beautiful customer restrooms feature bespoke artwork, modern lighting, and beverage stations.

Your clients will appreciate the luxury experience found everywhere at bello.

7. Dedicated Customer Lounges

We offer four stylish and comfortable lounges with custom lighting and exclusive artwork.

Customers enjoy relaxing in style before or during services.

8. A Garden Lounge

An outside space, complete with garden furniture and a peaceful fountain.

There is nothing better than relaxing outside on a sunny day.

For more information about our amenities, to book a private tour of our facilities, or to rent your suite today, call us at 916-827-5088


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