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9 Critical Questions Needed to Find the Perfect Salon Suites for Rent

Finding the perfect salon suites for rent can be a daunting job.  There are a lot of options, and they all look beautiful.  They all provide a different set of amenities.  But which perks are important to your business and career?  And what do you need to know when you’re unsure what to ask or expect?  If you are shopping for a new home for your cosmetology business and are having trouble deciding on a facility, keep reading.  You will learn 9 critical questions needed to find the perfect salon suites for rent. 

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Pro Tip From Tim

Starting a business, moving a business, or learning new skills can be intimidating.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions.  When I’m exploring something new, I try to ask, “What didn’t I ask that other people ask about?” I always learn a lot when I ask it.  And since “we don’t know what we don’t know,” I put together a few questions for you to ask as you explore the suite life.

Questions to Ask about the Facility

At a minimum, the salon suites must provide everything you need to grow your business.  Therefore, some of the questions you need to ask should focus on what the place offers and how it’s managed.  Here are questions you should ask about the facility:

1. Is the owner available and on-site to listen, learn, and make improvements?

No one will care more about the space and the tenants than the owner.  Therefore, if the salon suites owner lives in another city or state, it’s likely your concerns and suggestions will fall on deaf ears.  Most times, a manager doesn’t have the authority to make changes.  And often, managers don’t take issues up the chain of command for fear they will look incompetent.  Find a facility where a caring owner is on-site who will listen and has the power to act on your suggestions.

2. What kind of support can you expect?

Having support staff available seven days a week is important.  That way, you can accommodate your clients’ schedules with support staff there if you need something.  Here are two additional support questions.  Is management responsive when you ask for information, need help, or ask a question?  What kind of “out of the box” thinking do they exhibit and implement for your benefit?

3. What are the lease terms at your Salon Suites for Rent?

Look for short-term or no-term lease agreements.  A long-term lease puts you on the hook to pay for all months in the lease, no matter what.  Life happens, things change, and with reasonable notice, you should be able to move on without strings attached.  Also, be sure to ask what happens to your rent each year.  It will likely increase at each anniversary. 

4. Will I have to pay to customize my suite décor?

Your suite should reflect your style and personality.  Be sure to ask: “Can I choose different cabinetry for my suite at no charge?”  “How much does it cost to have my suite painted in my colors?”  “I have pictures, lights, mirrors, and shelves to hang; how much does that cost?” Decorating your suite can be expensive, so make sure to have all the costs provided upfront.  Better yet, find a facility where they decorate your suite, your way for free.

Out-of-town owners, spotty support, long-term lease agreements, and expensive suite build-outs can ruin your business.  When shopping for salon suites for rent, take a hard pass on all these situations.

Questions to Ask about the Customer Experience?

The most successful businesses focus on creating a wonderful and memorable customer experience.  If you delight the customer, they will come back and tell their friends. 

5. What can you tell me about customer lounges and amenities?

Customers sometimes arrive early.  Sitting on a bench outside your suite simply won’t do.  You want them to feel comfortable, even pampered, while they wait.  Therefore, the facility needs to provide stylish lounges and upscale refreshments to enjoy until you are ready to welcome them into your suite.

6. What’s the parking situation?

Plenty of free parking is one of the most overlooked amenities at some salon suites.  Easily accessible, free, and safe parking is very important for every business.  INRIX, a leading provider of data and insights for the transportation industry, published a research study that showed “Of the 6,000 U.S. drivers who responded to the survey, an alarming 63% reported they avoided driving to a destination due to the challenge of find parking, dramatically impacting local businesses and economic activity.”

Making your clients feel cared for, and the convenience of free and accessible parking is vital to your business.  They will be happier and more relaxed.  Best of all, they will look forward to their next appointment with you!  If a salon can’t delight your customers, scratch them off the list.

Questions to ask about Life and Business Development

Delighting your customers is uber-important, but going into business for yourself should set you up to thrive.  Answers to these questions can help you live your best life now.

7. Who Does the Laundry at your Salon Suites for Rent?

As a professional, you probably need towels, sheets, or capes to serve your clients.  No one looks forward to an extra hour or two spent washing, drying, and folding laundry every day.  Look for a salon suites facility that delivers clean linens to your suite each day.  Instead, fill the time you don’t spend doing laundry with paying clients.  When you get complimentary laundry service, you make more money in the same hours!

8. Do I get Vacation Time?

You might be surprised to hear this, but some salon suites for rent give you a rent-free week every year to relax, getaway, and recharge.  Definitely ask if this perk is available.  The rent-free/care-free time away will help you connect to what matters most.

9. Do I get Maternity Leave?

A great salon suites company recognizes the importance of maternity leave and offers maternity programs designed to support their tenants during one of the most special times in life.  If you are planning to start or add to your family, make this question a priority.

When you own a business, the most important thing you have is time.  Time to serve more customers, hone your skills, recharge your batteries, and take care of your most precious gifts.  If a salon suites company doesn’t respect your time and help you make the most of it, keep shopping.

Bello Salon Suites attendant stocking a cabinet with fresh linens.

Fresh towels and capes are delivered to suites
every morning at bello Salon Suites.

Conclusion to 9 Critical Questions Needed to Find the Perfect Salon Suites for Rent

You owe it to yourself, your clients, and your happiness to find the perfect salon suites for rent.  Answers to these 9 critical questions will help guide you to a facility that supports you and your business.  The answers will show which salon suites company will light up your customers and keep them coming back.  And, last but not least, you will learn which one cares the most about you and gives you the time needed to thrive.  bello Salon Suites checks every box for support and the customer experience.  We also respect you and your time.  We deliver fresh linens to every suite every morning.  That way, our tenants can spend all their time building their businesses.  And, yes, we offer an annual rent-free week so you spend time doing things important to you with the ones you love.  Shop around and ask these questions.  We are confident you will discover that nothing compares to bello.

bello Salon Suites is a collection of 78 custom, private suites for cosmetology professionals in Sacramento, California.  Privately owned and locally based, our facility features four stylish lounges and an outside garden for a truly zen-like experience.  On top of that, we offer more amenities than any other salon suites company in town.  For more information, call us or send a text message.  Take a tour today and see for yourself.  For income potential, perks, and value, nothing compares to bello.

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