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The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

What is a salon suite?

Salon suites have taken the beauty industry by storm; a salon suite allows beauty professionals to become business owners and be their own boss. bello Suites has taken salon suites to the next level, adding luxury, unique services and modern design to the suite concept. We offer the benefit of individual or shared suites that include high end finishes and equipment, utilities, laundry services, free business resources, interior design by HGTV designer Tami Teel, complimentary refreshments and so much more.

Why is a bello suite better than a booth rental or standard salon?

This is your business. You determine the hours; set the price of your products and you keep the profits. bello has eliminated the anxiety and high startup cost by providing you a well-equipped suite, all major utilities, business set up resources, free Wi-Fi, towels and styling capes, laundry service, and so much more. Imagine, no sharing of equipment, no more commission sales, work the days and hours that fit your lifestyle, no boss or manager!

How does bello help me start my business?

bello provides you help with back office support. From help in accepting credit cards to incorporating your business, to advertising tips, bello has a bundle of services available to you free of charge. In addition, we will list your business and contact information on This will immediately help your clients find you online. You focus on your clients and we provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Can I decorate my suite?

We believe your suite is an expression of your personality. Décor such as pictures or mirrors on the walls, seating, or other furnishings is at your discretion, although a quick check with the bello staff is recommended. Larger fixtures, décor, or painting does require the approval of bello prior to the work being done. bello can also offer services at very affordable rates to help with hanging shelves, pictures, etc. Just one more thing you do not have to worry about.

Will my clients follow me and how will they find me?

Suite business owners tell us that they retained over 90% of their clients from distances 30 miles. We will immediately list your new business on our website, and social media pages. Your clients will be able to find you by doing a simple web search.

What are business hours?

You set your own schedule. Your suite is available to you 24/7. bello provides a secure main entrance and each suite is individually locked allowing you access anytime. In addition, we employ CCTV camera systems, and onsite security. You can feel safe at bello day or night.

Can I share my bello suite with another professional?

bello has many oversized suites. Many of our single suites can easily accommodate two professionals working side by side full time, and our doubles can handle two or even a third professional comfortably. If sharing is an option for you, we have a solution that will fit your budget and allow you to achieve your career goals.

What do I need to get started at bello?

You are closer than you think to operating your own salon business. CLICK HERE to contact us and we can begin a discussion about how bello can help you reach your dreams and goals.

Prior to opening your new business, we require you have a current professional license, establishment license, business license and if you’ll be selling product a sales tax license, general liability and professional liability coverage, and have submitted the required security deposit. We are here to help you along the way!

Prior to opening your new business we require you have an approved application, current professional license, establishment license, business license and if you’ll be selling product a sales tax license, general liability and professional liability coverage, and have submitted the required security deposit. We are here to help you along the way!

Be sure to ask about incentives and programs we have to help you open your business quickly and easily!

What can I earn at bello?

We’re not successful unless our professionals are successful, we’ll provide you all the tools you need to operate a successful business. The following is an example of the analysis you can do to determine the benefits of operating you own salon suite.

Think about your typical client and what your week looks like – here is an example – do the analysis using your own numbers to understand what you may earn.

A typical professional will generally see 30-35 clients per week with an average ticket price of $75 – $250. For our example: Multiply 30 Clients times $75 average ticket price per client which equals $2,250 per week in gross income.

Don’t forget to include product sales; your clients welcome your recommendations, and this is a great source of profit for you. A rule of thumb is to mark your products up 100% or double the price you pay your supplier; remember you get to set your own prices!

15 items per week at $20 per item = $300. If you are using a 100% mark up your cost of goods – or what you pay for the products would be $150 leaving you with a profit of $150 per week.

bello suites start at $249 per week; including your laundry.

$2,250 in client tickets plus $150 in product sales minus your suite rental of $249 = $2,150.00 net income per week. Remember, just like your paycheck you’ll need to pay your taxes out of your gross earnings.

If you were working at a 50% commission with 10% share for product sales your net income per week would be $997.50. Wow, your potential earnings at bello would be more than DOUBLE!

If are currently working for an hourly wage as an employee earning $18 per hour 40 hours per week you would earn $720 – you could earn THREE times as much at bello or even more!

At bello you can offer the services you choose at prices you think are appropriate and you keep the money!

You have the potential, let us help you fully achieve all you’ve dreamed of!

-por la vita bello

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