bello Salon Suites

Why Everyone Switched to Salon Suites During the Pandemic


“I feel safer in my own suite then if i was in an open salon with 40 other COLLEAGUES & clients. My clients also feel a whole lot safer”.

With COVID-19 projected to stick around for the unforeseeable future many stylists have opted for the suite life over traditional open salons due to the safety suites can provide them. Having a suite with filtered air and walls have become 2021’s most sought after home for cosmetologists who are tired of open salons and the risk they pose. Eliminating risk is so important to consider when you have your own business and the suite life provides that luxury amongst many. “I don’t have to be around a lot of people which makes me feel safe right now. My clients are also really happy they don’t have to walk down an open gauntlet of chairs and booths filled with people as well”. Suites are the future moving forward and provide not only safety but a personal and high end feel.

Salon suites for rent near me in Sacramento provide a safe, private, and luxurious feel. Salon suites at bello are great for independent cosmetologists who are looking to safer suites during COVID-19.

Suites like bello will be offering balcony patio’s as an external addition to the new coming suites list of options. Stay tuned for more exciting news!